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(WIKI) Students, Candidates & Partners

(WIKI) Students, Candidates & Partners

All Projects and Services provided or developed by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken are under the Asgard Project Umbrella.

Here a list of definitions




  • Are those that wish to become students of the Prime TechPrime Love SchoolOdin Theta AcademyGJO AcademyPrime Yoga School or Golden Path 9. Candidates are in process of evaluation which starts after they complete register at the ” Game of the gods and goddesses in prime self union” in the trace : Candidates to prime self union. No public profile or list available.



  • Are those that collaborate with Prime Tech Projects, Odin Theta Academy Projects within Asgard Projects with a volunteers agreement. No public profile or list available.


  • Are those dedicated to collaborate with the Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken in the development of the Asgard Project, under a collaboration agreement or contract. No public profile or list available.


  • Are organizations, professionals, companies or networks that provide services or products, hubs or collaboration, to Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken & the Asgard Project. Maybe public profile or list available.


  • Are those organizations, professionals, companies or networks that have signed a collaboration agreement with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and the Asgard Project. Maybe  public profile or list available.


  • Are online, digital, organic, abroad traveling or at location  private individuals, families, organizations (for profit and not for profit), government (or any of their offices or organizations under government, city or state umbrella), professionals, companies, communities or networks that have buy, will buy or bought today services or products provided by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken and the Asgard Project. No public profile or list available.


Investment & Partnership Opportunity ( Prime Tech – Nordic Projects )

Investment & Partnership Opportunity ( Prime Tech – Nordic Projects ) 

Dear Spiritual & Business Friends

@ FB, VK, LinkedIN, Twitter, Mewe, Skype, IN, LST, Prime Tech Networks

As for the development of a new business line in Finland and Nordic Countries, a new company will be grounded, for which investors and business partners are welcome.

The company will be dedicated to the business field of Prime Technology Products and Applications.

As you might know already prime technology applied has solutions, products and services in the fields of business (consultancy, training, coaching), arts, personal development, communication, languages, spiritual development (prime yoga), peace, culture, governance, life care, sustainability, resilience, human factor management, gender and relationship, archeology, travel, tourism, education, I.T., technology, property, wealth.

The investors (if investor will only bring capital/investment) or business partners  (if business partner will take over one CEO or Management Board role responsibility plus capital/investment) need at least 3000.00 EUR capital/investment available in June 2015; and at least 18 hours available in june 2015 for business presentation, strategy and business plan agreement,  documents & register.

Additional conditions are: permanent residence permit in Finland or Finnish Citizenship (nationality).

For more details,  a private  business presentation will be offered and scheduled for each candidate regarding the business to be registered. Candidates are requested to introduce themselves, their business and management skills or financial capacity or experience, along the same presentation session; as well to describe why their interest into investment in Prime Technology, and partnership with Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken. It is a double side presentation.

Presentations will be scheduled between 18.06 and 25.06 2015 only.

Partnership Contracts, legal register and foundation agreements on business field, plan and strategy will be signed in June 2015.

Please contact LUIS to for schedule of the private business presentation.