Ongoing Webinar – The Prime Agora

What is The Prime Agora ?

It is a place for discussion on relevant matters of our time(s).

Following the idea of the Round Table for Peace ( The art of Peace ) , the Prime Agora has the function of brining our network, partners, customers, friends and listeners together, for dialogue but as well for collaboration, solution makking, innovation, research, creativity.

The Prime Agora – The Golden Age Gathering

Forum developed within the environment of prime technology principles, practices, culture, perception, know how and projects development.
It is an space for dialog with members of the prime network and not members as well.
It is a space dedicated to communication, collaboration and cocreation.
The Prime Agora suggest you apply prime perception and suggest strategies and innovation for prime action in the field of daily life, family, community, culture, business.
It is an ideal opportunity for meeting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken online and discussin with him key themes associated to prime technology or current world development status and issues.

Themes to be discussed, follow up in our website the announcements on the themas ongoing

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