The concept of prime technology is of turning our perception and search of solutions back to nature and human consciousness. The use of nature models make alot more simple the management of complex decision making and strategy.
Organic life follows patterns of development and sustainability principles. The use of organic life images help management work with sub-consciouss human mind consciously.
The main idea is to help people turn their perception back to nature, understand the importance of nature principles for life care and sustainable development and apply them, instead of standard abstract concepts.
To collaborate with life and nature through decision making and process development will be the result. It means decision making that will be more responsible regarding life and nature. here an example of the images i use:
” the first time you touched fire as a child, you knew what fire is. The first time you made fire in the forest you learned to communicate with fire. The first time you play with fire as an adult, you learned about its power, energy and transformational function. The day you will apply the principle of fire in your life and business, you will discover a new stream of transformational creativity ” – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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