The language of nature is symbolic, it brings to our perception the information of life and the emotions of life.

Nature life symbols talk to our intuitive and emotional body memories, to our memories of our cognitive processes, to the memories of our life development.

The information of life process of development within ourselves, stay in our sub-conscious mind, and it holds the wisdom of life sustainability and collaboration (resilience, in nature).

There for when using symbolic language, we communicate with the stream of life, within ourselves.

Prime technology uses symbolic language in order to integrate emotions and subconscious mind, but as well our whole human potential, into the business process and daily life solution making.

” the first time you touched fire as a child, you knew what fire is. The first time you made fire in the forest you learned to communicate with fire. The first time you play with fire as an adult, you learned about its power, energy and transformational function. The day you will apply the principle of fire in your life and business, you will discover a new stream of transformational creativity ” – Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

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