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Prime Tree 101 Riding The Golden Dragon – How to make money without compromising your values ?
How do/improve sales without engaging into an “only for profit making corporate  behaviour ” ?
Corporations have been widely judged regarding the use of figures / numbers for decision making. Conceptual and mathematical analysis of the organization performance regarding profit goal set for a particular time frame.
While most dramatic changes and decisions in business world history have been “CFO based”. Some CEOs still claim there was another way.
While corporations and profit oriented professionals and companies “learn how to make the money” and which strategies are more suitable for them.
Would be possible to apply other pathways ?
How to make money without compromising your values ? by being consistent ?


  • Develop tangible perception skills for the application of prime tree practice, riding the golden dragon, as an instrument for change and development of the business culture regarding management of wealth (Corporate, Not for profit, Small Business, Professional Services)
  • Learn on the practical use of prime tech tools for Decision Making, Protocols definitions, Algorithms improvements, Solution Design, Process design, Individual and Collective Performance
  • Learn Prime Tech tools for Emotional Self-Management

Themes that will be also included (presentations and discussion):

  • Prime Tree perception: Re-evaluating business culture, policy, process-algorithms, protocols, rules, behaviour guidelines within the organization/business process.
  • Differences between making money and increasing wealth.
  • Risks taken by making money and compromising a little bit your values VS Risks taken by not compromising your values at all while increasing wealth.
  • Prime tree responsibility practices.
  • The role of emotions, perception, consciousness and the heart.
  • When and where to integrate responsibility development, spiritual development and personal development skills within the practice of Prime Tree ?
  • Method
  • The webinar is asynchrone and personalized. It means that each participant will have the possibility to develop the training by his/her own and interact with the trainer.
  • The learning process will be supported bu forum, email, skype, audio and video, as well as by presentations.
  • Participants can use and play the learning materials in the moment they wish.


  • The standard learning process can be developed in 5 days ( to units per day) or in 9 days ( 1 unit per day)
  • Every week, this webinar  will be available. It means that every week you will have the possibility, to join the scheduled presentations and review updates and upgrades.

Register Validity

After register, you can join the first webinar process, and repeat the learning process next week. You are welcoem to access and join following webinars  ” Prime Tree 101 – Riding The Golden Dragon ” for following 4 weeks after your register, or to complete your studies in 5 or 9 days.

Access to the Webinar environment

After register with one ticket at Eventbrite, and payment confirmation, you will receive access to our online training environment, from the email :

Information/ Contact

skype: luisdanielmaldonadofonken



Organic Seminar Vs Webinar (Digital Seminar)

An organic seminar is a retreat (5 to 9 hours /day) or a 3 hours/day training where the same subjects of the webinar will be studied, PLUS experiential training, application of methods, practices and application monitored and observed by the trainer.

While Organic seminars are ideal, as for its direct ‘ on situ” benefits, a webinar is extremely useful as for giving us an introductory access to the field of the work, facilitating motivation, inspiration and also perception, know how and technical skills for applying the principles and essential practices on daily life, out of own individual daily life status, our daily life as it is now.

What does it mean? How can one apply something new without changing whole life ?

It means that in your own daily life you can find the organic experiences necessary for the application of principles and guidelines, there for integrating the essence of the work in your life as it is. In this case, the webinar will suggest you strategies and tools for reaching this goal.

Why to join a webinar ? 

If you have no time to join an organic seminar a webinar will be ideal. As well if you are living far away. But as well if you have already a day dedicated to practice of methods and perception within the field of the work, the webinar will give you insight how to apply the essential practices and principles within your current daily life strategy / training / development process. In other words, how to apply the essence of the work in your current circumstance.

A webinar gives you the possibility to learn at your own pase and also share with the trainer online, receive assistance, advice and access to learning materials. It is a great support for your development if combined with an organic seminar.

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