WEBINAR:  The Prime Tech EXPO – Helsinki 2014 Dec. 7th – 9 hours AsItWasNotEditedLiveVideo – Mini workshops/ Lecture by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken on Prime Technology Applied now online in a webinar format. 

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PRIME TECH EXPO / Open Door Mini-Workshops DAY / Prime Arts Performance / Year Shift Celebration 2014-2015 / Prime Tech Party

Sunday, December 7, 2014 from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (EET)
Helsinki, Finland

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09:00 Prime Yoga & Prime Meditation

  • Presentation: The 900 Yogas
  • Demonstration
  • Practice

09:45 Prime Do 

  • Presentation: Origins, Practice
  • Demonstration
  • Practice
10:30 The Art of Peace 9
11:15 Round Table – Prime Tech Transhumanism
  • Presentation: Transhumanic Solutions from the point of view of Prime Tech
  • Round Table: Why and why not transhumanism ? Is transhumanism an experience of human future, past or present ? How will Transhumanism develop ?
12:00 Prime Tree:  The Golden Sphere of Love
12:45 Prime Tree: Riding The Golden Dragon
13:30 Prime Eating  – Eating as a Prime Yoga Practice
  • Presentation:
    •  Nutrition with the 9 Elements & the Heart. Raw food, Veganism and consume of other elements and essential organic-sounding-light, from the point of view of Prime Technology. Eating as a Prime Yoga Practice.
    • Demonstration
    • Practice
14:15 Lunch Break
  • Guests are welcome to bring delicious food to share with us and Prime Tech Open Door participants. Raw and vegan are prefered by the house.
15:00 Story Telling
15:30 Prime Arts
  • Presentation: Meditative performing arts, their application for emotional self-management, health, education, self-development, management, complementary preventive
  • Demonstration
  • Practice
16:00 Prime Arts Multisensorial Experience
  • Experiential: Listen to the The Flute of the Magiscian, and The Golden Pulse – Music Albums created by Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken
  • Presentation: How to use the music of the album and interact with it as a meditative practice.
16:45 Prime Tech Applied for Business
  • Presentation: Corporate/Business responsibility practices and guidelines.
  • Why the company/business are like beast that have own independent character adn unique behaviour? why we need in order to educate/upgrade the beviour of our company/business?
  • Demonstration: Case How to innovate in Business ? How to manage a Business ?
  • How to redefine Business ? When and where to integrate responsible development, spiritual development and personal development skills within the organizational development and management of the organization/business ?
  • Practice: Perception
18:00 Prime Archeology
  • Presentation: Spiritual Archeology Adventures: in the search of the Prime Culture?  of Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 1987 – 2017 Living Abroad Traveling in Southamerica (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador) Europe ( Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Finland) Russia, Israel, Asia
  • Case: Prime Archeology in Finland
18:45 Odin Theta Tours – Travel Operator
  • Presentation: Spiritual archeology adventure, in the search of the Prime Culture? Presentation: Spiritual Journey – traveling within your own heart
  • Tours / Seminar Abroad Asia/Europe Destinations 2015 Winter – Spring
  • by Odin Theta, The Song of Peace
  • We will play music, dance, share, cocreate, perform! eat, relax, hug, laugh, play, have fun! Be ready for a surprise!
21:00 Close the Prime Tech Open Door DAY … the party continues…
Prime Tech EXPO
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